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Non Destructive Testing Services

We offer in-house radiography of fusion welded joints in plate, tube and bar, fabricated from ferrous and non - ferrous metals in are purpose built radiographic enclosure located within our test house. Techniques comply with BS EN 1435 / ASME V.

We use both X-ray and Gamma method utilising Iridium 192 source.

All radiography is carried out in compliance with the Ionising Radiation (sealed sources) Regulations 1982, the Radioactive Substances Act 1960, Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and the Code of Practice for Radiation Safety for Site Radiography. We hold a HASS certificate.

All personnel have received training sufficient to meet the requirements of the client's inspector or the appointed inspecting authority.  It is the policy of the company to use PCN approved training courses (Personnel Certification in NDT) as part of an overall training programme and to qualify each radiographer in the PCN scheme.  Personnel shall hold a current PCN Certificate.  Personnel performing radiographic interpretation shall be qualified to PCN/NSB/TR/001/98 Industrial Radiography and SNT-TC-1A.


We offer in-house hydrostatic testing of equipment up to 20,000 PSIG.

We offer in-house DPI (dye penetrant inspection) of welds on our site to BS EN ISO 571-1 plus ASME V.

We also offer in-house MPI (magnetic particle inspection) of welds on our site to BS EN ISO 9934-1 & 2 plus ASME V.

Our staff are qualified to PCN Level 2 (BS EN ISO) and ASNT Level II (ASME) programmes.

Our NDT expertise is available not only to service the day to day needs of our core business, but on a sub contract basis at very competitive rates. Please forward any enquiry that you may have for Radiography, DPI or MPI at our works Warrington.

Please note that we also offer a collection and delivery service.

BS EN ISO 9001 Approved. ASME Authorized Manufacturer. Welding to BS EN ISO 15614 & ASME IX. Radiography in Accordance with BS EN ISO 1435 & ASME V.