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Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger/Heat Transfer

rad coil being installed at site BW Tube Bundle KTI tube bundle tube bundle 02 syn chem exchanger without headers0202
syn chem exchanger with headers02 IMG00359-20091125-1110 vac402 500 tpd coil0702 pb702 IMG00358-20091125-1110

Tube bundles, radiant coils, convection boxes, WHRU’s, shell and tube exchangers are at the core of our business. With over 50 years experience we provide an extensive knowledge of heat transfer plant fabrications. Supplied for both on and off shore in a multitude of designs & materials.

PWHT by furnace or local method can be accommodated. Controlled pre-heat of Chrome Moly materials available.

Welded, expanded or both, we have the capability. Straight tubes or “U” tubes formed in house. Fixed or floating tube plates drilled & weld prepared in house. Tie rods, spacers and baffles all manufactured and machined under one roof.

BS EN ISO 9001 Approved. ASME Authorized Manufacturer. Welding to BS EN ISO 15614 & ASME IX. Radiography in Accordance with BS EN ISO 1435 & ASME V.