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Coiling and Tubular Manipulation

coils 500tpd int4 6NB chrome being loaded BW ss coil02 P6080054 500 tpd coil07
Rolled finned tube ss coil being loaded02 Coil with jim underneath 6NB CHR ON LOW LOADER02 coils with veiw down shop04 deodorise coil flip102
cs coil with jim102 cs coil with man grinding03 coil copper coil Finned Tube Rolling vac03

Coiling has been at the heart of our business for almost 70 years.  In order to meet with the ever increasing demand for coiling and tubular manipulated products, we invested in new plant and machinery,  which has effectively doubled our capacity. With our revised range of machinery, we  are able to offer forming of tube sizes, from 0.5" NB to 6" NB, with wall thicknesses from Sch 5, to Sch 160.

Diameters may vary, depending on wall thicknesses and  material. The largest coil we have manufactured was 7 meters in diameter. We can coil most materials including Carbon Steels,  Stainless Steels, Chrome Moly, Incoloy, Inconnel,  Hastelloy, Monel, Duplex, and Copper. Coils are formed cold throughout the entire range.

We also have extensive experirence of finned tube rolling and forming for WHRUís (waste heat recovery units), predominantly for the shipping and off shore (CIBAS) service applications. Details available on request.

We also manufacture ICIís standard range of galvanized Vaporsier coils for 200#, 1/2 ton, 1 ton & 2 ton Chlorine Vaporiser units.

BS EN ISO 9001 Approved. ASME Authorized Manufacturer. Welding to BS EN ISO 15614 & ASME IX. Radiography in Accordance with BS EN ISO 1435 & ASME V.